The carbon sequestration Project

carbon sequestration

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The business of making guitars presents a situation that makes carbon emissions unavoidable.  Durability, longevity, and the need for pigment, sealant, and alloyed materials will always be a part of what makes electric guitars coveted and valuable.  Many Manufacturers offer an attempt to mitigate this with reinventing materials, repurposing alloys in place of wood, and donations to Foundations.  Jericho Guitars chooses a different method by striving to take full responsibility for carbon sequestration of the entire electric guitar industry.  We will use The Sustainability Initiative to set aside a portion of every sale to carry out our Carbon Sequestration Project.  We hope this becomes adopted as a viable way for New Age companies to do more than just erase their footprint. 

The carbon sequestration Project

The Carbon Sequestration Project is funded directly through the sales of our products.  We hope to inspire musicians and free-thinkers alike to realize the vast individual power they possess and to use that power responsibly.

the carbon sequestration project

"There are two primary types of carbon sequestration. The MIT Carbon Capture and Sequestration program focuses on carbon dioxide capture and storage, where carbon dioxide is captured at its source (e.g., power plants, industrial processes) and subsequently stored in non-atmospheric reservoirs (e.g., depleted oil and gas reservoirs, unmineable coal seams, deep saline formations, deep ocean)" (  This MIT program was discontinued in June of 2016.

The other type of carbon sequestration, which we focus on, is using natural processes to increase the removal of carbon from the atmosphere.  

In Phase 1 of this project, we are studying two things.  1. The logistics of short and long term natural solutions to sequestering carbon by natural processes.  2. Calculating the total net impact of the manufacturing new Electric Guitars created and sold by the entire industry within the year.  A specific genus of tree, like Azadirachta for instance, has a lifetime sequestration capacity of about 0.14 Megatons (1.45 lakh tonnes) per tree. This particular tree survives in very rigid conditions and requires minimal maintenance.  The selected genus of trees planted by this project will not be harvested and will be planted in addition to the existing efforts outside this project.  That is to say, these are extra trees who's total purpose is carbon sequestration. With the help of Allied Research and agreement on the figures, we will take this data and move on to the next phase. 

Phase 2. We will project the total cost of our team to carry out our plan.  We will divide this figure by Jericho Guitars' projected sales for the year and set aside an equal amount per sale to be dedicated to carrying out The Carbon Sequestration Project.  In Phase 3 we will gather our volunteers and Jericho Guitars staff to begin planting.  Phase 4 is set aside for researching next year's project and partly recording the results of the previous years. All data gained from the results of the project will be recorded and used to enhance next years Carbon Sequestration Project.


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