The Sustainability Initiative

The Reforestation Project

Deforestation is, unfortunately, an inevitable reality in the business of making electric guitars.  A vast number of wood species are required to make just one guitar, and an even larger number is required when you begin specializing in more and more types of electric guitars.  Our focus in The Carbon Sequestration Project is to lead the industry by taking full responsibility for carbon sequestration of the entire electric guitar industry.  

However, The Reforestation Project is much more simple!

Every Guitar purchased from Jericho Guitars equals a tree planted. The trees planted by The Reforestation Project are in the Amazon Rainforest, an area that has been devastated by illegal logging without an infrastructure to enforce measurable regulation.  Areas of the Amazon have diminished to just 7% of their original size and 80% of the logging in the Amazon takes place illegally.

We do not use any woods on our guitars that have been or are likely to be placed on any international regulation from The United States or elsewhere.  However, we choose to have trees planted here because it helps compliment our Carbon Sequestration Project.  Efforts around the world are set in place to help return 15 million hectares of depleted forest which has the potential to sequester .2 Gigatons of CO2 annually.

For more information about our efforts to sequester carbon, please see The Carbon Sequestration Project.


The Sustainability Initiative

Allied Research


With the support and guidance of World-Class Specialists at the highest levels of appointment, we are confident in our ability to act responsibly with the findings of our Research partners and part-time volunteers who are committed and dedicated to our vision of total industrial carbon sequestration.  

Leadership and commitment


The Sustainability Initiative is a Multi-Phase group of projects.  We are singularly attempting to take responsibility for carbon sequestration of the entire Electric Guitar Industry each year.  Through Allied Research and Applied Science, we are attempting to achieve this goal by 2022.

Applied science


Using data-driven models and pin-pointed areas of actionable application, we bolster action where it is required.  In order to get to our goal, we will continue to focus our energy on gathering data and researching evaluations presented by our Research Partners.

The reforestation Project

A guitar purchased equals a tree planted.  It's that simple.